Posted to Volacci's blog on March 4th, 2011

Mona Lisa and the Knowing Smile


Just look at her! She appears to be smirking and looks as if she knows something that she doesn’t want to reveal; not yet anyway. Her eyes are relaxed and appear to convey satisfaction, which suggests that she happily possesses some nugget of powerful knowledge. Perhaps some paradigm-shifting or zeitgeist-inflicting information that would change the world forever for the better, if only it would be unleashed...

Maybe the question isn’t why Mona Lisa looks this way - maybe the real question, the more relevant question, is why we here at Volacci have the very same expression. What is it that we know about truly successful Drupal SEO (and SEO in general) that others don’t? What is it that could create that paradigm-shift, that zeitgeist for your website that you have been searching for all along?

The fact is, once you know, you just know and your expression changes. It mirrors the Mona Lisa without even thinking about it. Yes, it’s that powerful.

If you want to know the secret, you can either find out for yourself at DrupalCon 2011 in Chicago (we will be there at booth 77! Stop by!) or you can wait for my next blog post on Thursday that talks about the secret behind our Mona Lisa smiles. Read it, and you might just have a Mona Lisa smile too.

Now, for a little “Da Vinci Code-esque” puzzle, try to solve the following cryptogram and tune in next week to see if you got it right!

[Riddle-Hint: If you decoded the words correctly (each word is it’s own cryptogram) and the phrase still doesn’t make sense, it might be that you need Da Vinci’s mirror to “write” back the wrongs.]


Good luck!