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Harry Potter & the Wand of Conversions

harry potter and the deathly hallows seo

Yes, Harry Potter. I just wanted to say "goodbye" but only for now.

To reflect on the memories you’ve given us over your term at Hogwarts (and maybe some before and after), we take this moment to honor your contribution to the imaginations of millions everywhere by talking about the magic of conversions.

“Conversions?” you ask. No, I am not speaking about alchemy or shapeshifting, I’m talking about website conversions. Conversions that influence someone to take action one way or the other. For example, Harry, whatever influenced you to switch from the hat’s recommendation of Slytherin to your decision to move to Gryffindor? Well, ultimately it was the good inside you that made that choice, but the hat attempted to persuade you did it not?

Often times, conversions are thought of as having “magical” qualities or an aura of hype around them. I assure you, the magic of conversions is quite real and I trust you’ll find that to be the case once I present you with this wand:

dumbledores wand but also a conversion optimization wand

To show you the power of conversions, please hold the wand in your hand and repeat these 5 spells after me (you shall see it’s effect shortly):

”Actionicus Immediatorum”

This is a spell that, as you can see, makes your target take the action you want them to take. When you say, “Actionicus Immediatorum”, all they hear is simply, “Do this and you’ll find nothing but freedom for house elves and cuddly owls.” In other words, this spell makes them do the thing that you want them to do because you and they know it will make everyone feel good.

”Rooteo Inceptionius”

This spell essentially plants your idea in your targets head and allows it to take root, making your target think that the idea originated from their own thoughts. A powerful spell, if properly implemented, it is one of the most difficult to master and can have the greatest long term effect for conversions on your site. (See Also: “Subtle Phrases”)

”Projectato Imaginatus”

What this spell does is shows the target an image of themselves using your product or service. This is not the most powerful of spells, but can still have short term benefits. It should be used to wrap up a series of spells.

”Emotus Positivita”

Among one of the most difficult to administer, this spell causes overwhelming positive feelings towards you or your product or service. It is best done in conjunction with any of the previous spells and is done by creating a telepathic gateway for positive images to project between you and your target. (See Also: “Empowering Words”)

”Negator Expelliarmus”

Finally, we come to the end of the spells with one of the most important ones of all. This spell essentially removes any fears, uncertainties, or doubts your targets might have about making a conversion (the “next step”) by addressing them up front, except that you have a spell to do it for you!

Well, that’s it Harry! You’ve done very well. Rest assured that Hogwarts is proud of you as you begin your career in website optimization!

Oh, and be sure to stay away from those wearing black hats! They are lead by the techniques He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (aka J.C. Penney).

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