Posted to Volacci's blog on April 20th, 2011

Whoa! Wednesday: 2-D Glasses for No-Frills Folks


Some folks just like the traditional, no-frills, “non-fancyfied” things. Others live for and thrive on the newest, latest, greatest features and “fancyfied” stuff. Me? Well, I’m somewhere in the middle. My preference is to try out the latest frills, stick with the old way, and let time tell if the then-newest frills become standard. Then, and only then, do I adopt those new features. Why? Look back at history and see all the time and money wasted on frills that never again saw the light of day! (Think: Dreamcast Video Game Console, Betamax, HD-DVD, Pepsi Clear, and the “Umbrella Rain Tube”.)


"Stay dry with this stylish friend-repellant! (Call for Pricing)"

When it comes to websites, however, which is the better approach? “Fancyfied” or “Non-Fancyfied”?

The answer: It depends.

First, you must look at your site’s offerings, mission, and audience. If you’re selling original artwork, does it make sense to use the newest high-definition picture viewer on your website? Absolutely! However, if you’re selling muumuus to an audience of 80-90 year-old women, it’s probably best not to spend your advertising budget on the latest interactive, experimental website. In fact, the frilliest thing about your site should be the lace trimming on your deluxe muumuu selection.


"Instantly transform yourself into the life of the party!"

-Alternate Caption-

"MuuMuulicious Gains Celebrity Endorsements: Sarah Palin & Bette Midler"

For you no-frills folks out there: I salute you! If you’re one of those who somehow winds up at the theater watching Shrek 18 in 3-D and you say, “Bebother those cursed eye-crossing effects! Just show me the classic version that stays inside the screen!” I say to you, “There is hope.” Let me introduce you to your eyes’ savior (seriously!):

>>2-D Glasses

And finally, for those of you who praise those bold heroes who sacrificed much to bring to life some of the world’s greatest inventions, I present to you a collage of history’s finest ideas realized in tangible form:

>>World's Stupidest Inventions