Posted to Volacci's blog on November 11th, 2010

7 Ways to Improve Your Quality Score Right Now

If you’re like me you like to make big changes in the least amount of time possible. Call it being lazy, call it being efficient, either way all our clients really care about are results. Now, keeping true to my premise let’s get this party started.

Rework the Landing Page Copy

Look at your landing page, now at your AdWords campaign, back at your landing page, back at your AdWords campaign. Now seriously, ask yourself how relevant is my landing page to my AdWords campaign and visa versa?

When creating a campaign you have to first think about your keywords then about your landing page. Most of us forget about the latter. The real heart and soul of any campaign boils down to the landing page. Here are some quick tips on how to make your landing page more relevant.

Pick 2 - 3 of the main keywords in your ad group and do the following;

  • Using your primary keyword write an attention grabbing, actionable and relevant headline.
  • Write a second headline, or H2 title, using the second most important keyword.
  • Write a quick 2 - 3 sentence description using the keywords you selected.
  • Take that long paragraph you have and break it down into 3 - 4 bullet points.
  • Send your clients an email asking for a testimonial. Ask them to use one of your keywords and then take the best one and put it on your landing page.

Simplify the Headline

When writing headlines I don’t like to leave much to the imagination so I try to make them short and to the point, which is why I recommend the following:

  • Find the number one keyword you want your ad to show up for and use that as the headline.
  • Use keyword insertion. For instance, if your ad group is called “Parrots” AND you’re selling parrots use the following “{Keyword:Parrots}”. Read more about keyword insertion here.
  • Use short modifiers like Buy, Sale, and Cheap before or after your keyword.

Rewrite the Ad Text

Unlike the headline, where you’re trying the grab your customer’s attention, you want to use the two descriptions lines you have to make a compelling argument for why some one should buy from you! Here are a few tips:

  • Using the same keyword you used to create your headline write a benefit of your product or service.
  • Find a similar keyword, i.e. a modified keyword, and use that in your copy.
  • Avoid using the keyword more than once in your copy.

Increase Keyword Bids

While you can’t necessarily buy a better quality score by increasing your keyword bids you’ll decrease your ad positions consequently increasing the amount of clicks you receive. Since Google weighs the click through quite heavily in their formula you should start to see the quality score of your keywords increase.

Use Keywords as Meta Keywords

We don’t recommend plugging in every bloody keyword. That’s spam. Google hates spam and so do we. However, it’s a best practice to just use a handful of keywords and call it a day. Find the most important keyword and, yes, relevant keywords and use them here. It’s best to use the same keywords you used when writing your ads, landing page copy, and headlines.

Write a Meta Description Using the Meta Keywords

We’ve used the keywords when writing the landing page, we’ve used to them to write our ads, now it’s time to use them to write our meta description. If you don’t have a meta description drop everything you’re doing right now and take the next 15 minutes to write one. You should find the following tips to be helpful regardless if have one or not.

  • Use 2 - 3 of the primary keywords in the description.
  • Keep it under 160 characters.
  • Avoid using the same text you used in your ads.
  • Make it compelling and call on your customers to take action.

Play with Match Types

A quick way of doing this is to take the keywords you have, copy and paste them back into the ad groups, change their match types, and delete the duplicates. Assuming you’re keywords are on broad match, which they should be by default, change the match type to phrase. Copy and paste the keywords again, this time using the match type exact. Now, compare each of your keyword’s quality scores. Keep in mind, a quality score of 4 or higher is best.

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