Posted to Volacci's blog on December 29th, 2010

A Corporate Blog-- The Gift that Keeps on Giving


General Motors. Southwest Airlines. Dell. Marriott. These are just a handful of corporations who have discovered that a company blog is one of the most powerful ways to build relationships with customers and generate business. In recent years, people’s expectations of companies have definitely changed. Potential customers migrate to businesses where they feel a more personal connection. And the holiday season is the perfect time to give your customers and shareholders that personal connection--it’s definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

Here at the Volacci office, we were recently talking about the growing trend of corporate blogs and how they have completely changed the way that companies engage their customers, visitors and investors.

Adding a personal touch to your company’s website not only invites customers and website visitors into your community, it gives them a sense of who you are as people. This connection cultivates loyalty, repeat visits and sales, all of which result in profits.

Along with informing customers about your latest products, services and company happenings, an excellent way to make a personal connection with customers is to sprinkle your blog with personal stories. Share triumphs, your most challenging struggles and even your funniest life situations. It lets them feel as if they're part of your community. Remember--community inspires loyalty and loyalty builds profits.


“Dear Santa, give me what I want for Christmas or Dasher and Dancer are next...

Blogging is also an excellent selling tool because it is a communication platform that causes the customer to feel as if they are being informed of something rather than being sold something.

If you're running Drupal on your corporate site, setting up your company’s new blog is a piece of cake. Maintaining it requires some organization. Establish an administrative process by which employees participate in social media. Decide who will be contributing to your company’s blog and assign each contributor a topic each week or month. Be sure to establish how often you expect them to blog. Basically, having a system in place keeps your blog organized and cohesive.


So, how do you get your corporate blog up and running? If your web hosting company provided a template for your website, they may also have one for your blog. With your web hosting company’s blog template, you will simply add a blog the same way that you add a new page to your website.

Your blog will be the inner page of your website. If your URL address is, then your blog address will be If a blog template is unavailable, just give us a call here at Volacci. We are committed to doing anything and everything to help your company succeed.

Once your blog is up and running, it’s also a great idea to put the daily blog posts on your social networking sites. Spread the wealth. So when planning a new and amazing content strategy for 2011, make a note to develop a process for maintaining a blog on your company’s website. It’s all about the connection.

Happy Holidays!

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