Posted to Volacci's blog on January 15th, 2012

Using Google's Social Media Analytics to Measure Social Media Campaigns

ilove GA.jpg

As a certified Google Analytics fangirl, I love playing around and sorting traffic to see different data and trends. And since I started getting my hands dirty with social media, I’ve been trying out new configurations in GA to get the clearest picture of my social media successes. Here are some of my favorite GA tricks of the trade that help me track social media:

  • Use Advanced Segments to breakdown the referral sources so you just see what’s coming from your social media accounts. Here’s what the Volacci Advanced Segment looks like:

social media advanced segment google analytics_0.jpg

  • Filter out just the Twitter traffic using Advanced Segments. There are a lot of different Twitter clients sending traffic to your site, and it can be quite a chore to try to individually section these off over and over again. So we set up an Advanced Segment that catches all of the Twitter clients we could think of. It can be helpful to add all of these to your social media Advanced Segment above, for a more complete picture. Here’s what our Twitter Advanced Segment looks like:

twitter advanced segment google analytics.jpg

  • Depending on the intent of your social media campaign, you should set up some goals. If your social media marketing plan is to gain more customers, you should have a goal set up showing conversions on your “Contact Us” page. If your social media campaign is to attract talented employees, set up a goal showing conversions on your “Submit Your Resume” page. Once your goals are set up, create an Advanced Segment that shows social media traffic that converts. It should resemble something like this:

social media that converts_0.jpg


Have any other creative ways to track social media traffic on Google Analytics or otherwise? Let us know and we’ll augment it to this post.