Updated Instagram Offers Video-Sharing Service

Updated Instagram Offers Video-Sharing Service

June 21st, 2013

Facebook takes the lead over Twitter/Vine with introduction of video sharing through Instagram.

Recently, with its introduction on Android, Vine surpassed Instagram as the top social app on Google Play. With the launch of Vine, Twitter most certainly got out to a head start over Facebook in terms of a video-sharing app. However, officially as of Thursday, the already extremely popular Instagram launched a similar, yet “better” video sharing/creating feature called Cinema. Many people believe that Cinema will quickly send Facebook in front of Twitter regardless of Facebook’s “late” start.

According to Instagram’s co-founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom, Cinema was not in response to competition from Vine. In fact, the addition of a video service to Instagram apparently has been discussed since 2010. The wait is likely due to the complexity and managing process that any video service brings.

Maintaining branding was essential for Instagram so the video feature is aesthetically similar. There are still filters including 13 new ones developed by a video artist. Additionally, hashtags and comments are available prior to sharing. Switching from photo to video is very simple and Cinema has minor editing capabilities which Vine will likely introduce sometime in the near future.

The most outstanding feature that Cinema has to offer is its image stabilization. Because hand-held video generally brings about shakiness and rough recordings, Cinema has introduced a solution: image stabilization software which works with any phone capable of running Instagram. Compared to Vine, this is mind-blowing and stunning examples were shown at Cinema’s introduction.

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