Unlocking Your Brand's Social Media Potential With Images

Unlocking Your Brand's Social Media Potential With Images

October 25th, 2012

A lot of conversations have been flying around lately about successful marketing in the digital era. Social media especially has been a game-changer, and a number of brands are having difficulty adjusting. A number of business worry that sharing anything other than what they specifically sell or produce won’t aid sales-- however, according to Amanda Ryan at SocialMediaToday, this isn’t the case.

Ryan provides five reasons why businesses need to incorporate visual content into their promotion strategies on social networks. They are:

  1. Reactions Create Actions - Pictures tend to produce a reaction, which usually causes an action to be taken.
  2. Easy Word of Mouth Marketing - Once a potential customer likes, comments, retweets, or reshares, an image you have posted on a social network, it is now going to show up in their newsfeed or stream with your business name or profile avatar and will be seen by that user’s followers and friends.
  3. It Amplifies the User’s Need to Share - Diversifying your content is important, but it is also extremely important to showcase what your company offers from time to time.
  4. Capture The Interest of Your Audience - Visual content does not have to stop with just photos. Be sure to include informative infographics or videos when posting to Twitter or Facebook.
  5. Build A Connection - It is important to remember that feelings associated with a photo on social networks can subconsciously become attached to the brand. Therefore, post light-hearted images, cute and awe inspiring pictures, photos with motivating quotes, and interesting facts.

Ryan touts the importance of posting cute, light-hearted, beautiful, or awe-inspiring images and quotes, adding that customers’ feelings associated with those photos can subconsciously become attached to the brand. An multifaceted strategy is key, and mixing branded messages with non-branded images, videos, and quotes can go a long way towards building up a successful social media presence.