Posted to Volacci's blog on March 23rd, 2011

Twitter SEO: Optimizing Tweets and Getting More Followers


Twitter can be used in a variety of ways, whether for personal enlightenment or marketing a business, skimming daily news or finding out what your kid sister ate for dinner last night. You can Tweet flippantly, you can Tweet corporately.

Twitter meets you where you are. That’s why it’s great.

This blog post targets the business Twitterers, those who use it for networking, establishing a creative web voice, boosting web presence and, ultimately, increasing sales. Many Twitterers don’t realize SEO can be applied to Twitter in small but significant ways, attracting followers and expanding a web presence.

Without further adieu, here are some simple ways to get more followers and achieve more visibility through Twitter SEO.

1. Keywords and links in the profile bio.
When a Twitter profile makes the search results, search engines often use the bio as a description for the result. It needs to make sense and it needs to have relevant keywords (use Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find these if needed). If your business has a local appeal, include your city and state, too.

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2. #Strategic use of #hashtags.
Only a hand full of people I follow actually know how to use hashtags, and I work with most of them. Not only do hashtags serve as a way to measure trending topics, but they are prime real estate for some good ole’ SEO. A hashtag is an electronic highlighter of sorts and should be placed before important words in each business-related Tweet.

mitchholt: #Volacci Leads #DrupalCon Panel on #SEO, #Google Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization (#CRO). #Drupal #SEO

3. Brief and keyword-rich links.
The benefits of shortening your Twitter URLs are obvious: more space for important text and the root URLs are still indexed. But don’t just shorten your links, customize them with, or a similar program. Decide which one or two keyword(s) best describe the Tweet, then customize your link with it/them, separating words with a dash.

4. Re-Tweetable length.
Leave space to be re-Tweeted so your Tweets don’t get cut short. Being re-Tweeted is a great way to gain exposure, so make it easy on people to do that. I hate shortening content I want to re-Tweet, and most people don't care enough to spend time shortening it. They'll just skip it if it's too long.

5. Re-Tweeting.

Re-Tweeting others in your industry is a great way to engage your business peers, network with like-minded professionals and garner industry attention. Often, I will see an unfamiliar Twitterer in my Timeline who re-Tweeted a person I follow. If I like the Tweet, I might click on the mystery Twitterer’s profile and add them if they meet the Mitch Holt Guidelines of Twitter Following (interesting, insightful, spam-free, funny -- I do, however, follow Spencer and Heidi from The Hills. Don't judge.). Re-Tweeting is a guarantee that your profile will be seen by new eyes.

6. Good content.
While it isn’t rooted in the technical side of SEO, creating good content is an invaluable part of the process. Without good content, SEO is pointless. Tweet things that interest your clients and followers, offer them something of value, give them a good mix of industry-related and entertaining blurbs. This, my friends, is the best thing you can do for business.

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NOTE: Regardless of your thoughts about Twitter SEO, the above tips will give your Tweets much-needed uniformity and organization. And, let’s face it, these changes will only take about 15 minutes to implement. Just do it!

2511539541_b8c0356486.jpgSurgeon General's Warning: Prolonged Twittering may lead to an increased risk for developing Internet Celebrity Disorder.