Posted to Volacci's blog on April 12th, 2011

Trending Tuesday: Google's Top 10 Hot Topics

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It's Tuesday. You're not looking toward the weekend yet and you're almost over your case of the Mondays. You're kind of in the middle. Well, enjoy Google's top 10 trending hot topics from today.

1. Fort Sumter - Today marks the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, which kicked off with a raid on the Charleston fort while Battery Park aristocrats looked on in disarray. A commemoration took place in Charleston Harbor late yesterday and early this morning.

2. Narcissism - This word is tied to a variety of things today, but mostly a study that shows that Facebook users often show signs of self-promoting narcissism. The study was based on 279 students’ use of EMCDs to upload content and post to social networking sites like Facebook.

3. Winklevoss - The legal battle between Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and Facebook cofounder Mark Zuckerberg appears to be finished. The court ruled that the Winklevosses must accept the original $65 million settlement -- poor guys.

4. Tori Spelling - She’s pregnant! The 37-year-old "Beverly Hills: 90210" actress will have her third child with Dean McDermott. The two are regulars on Oxygen’s "Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings".

5. Benicio Del Toro - On a similar note, Oscar-award winner Del Toro and “socialite” Kimberly Stewart are expecting a baby.

6. Civil War - Two beams of light shone over Fort Sumter early this morning to commemorate the first shots fired during the Civil War 150 years ago.

7. Winklevoss Twins - more of the Facebook financial frenzy.

8. Brett Favre - Jenn Sterger -- a sideline NFL reporter who allegedly received X-rated photos and messages from quarterback Brett Favre -- appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” today. Sterger said that she and Favre had never been at more than an arm’s length away from each other, but Favre tried to meet up with her in 2008. “He was like that guy at the bar that just could not get the hint.” Ouch!

9. NBA Playoff Schedule - It’s that time of year again, folks. And it starts with Knicks and Celtics in the Eastern Conference. In Texas, the argument is Spurs or Mavs. Here in Austin, though, it’s University of

10. Scream 4 - Beating a dead horse? Maybe. But you know you’ll go see it. The Scream 4 premier on Monday night in Los Angeles brought the ancient cast back together. The movie hits theaters Friday.

Check back next Tuesday for more trending hot topics.