Three Outreach Methods You Might Not Have Tried

Three Outreach Methods You Might Not Have Tried

September 18th, 2012

When was the last time you tried a new outreach tactic? In a new article on Search Engine People, Kristy Bolsinger offers insight on three new ways to engage with followers and fans of your brand.

The suggested tactics are as follows:

  • Early Adoption of new social networks.
  • Remember the little things, like birthdays, anniversaries, or pet names of followers you communicate with.
  • Engage in emotional moments- congratulate followers on triumphs that they post about.

  • Though this Volaccian was uncertain about suggestion #3-- engaging with people on personal, emotional posts-- Ms. Bolsinger raises an excellent point about the early adoption of new technologies:

    “Get in [to new social apps and networks] as fast as you can when the noise is at a minimum. This is your intimate moment at the bar after a conference. This is your West Wing walking the hallway scene. You have a greater share of their attention in these beta environments before the floodgates have opened. Use the opportunity wisely.”

    What do you think? Does Ms. Bolsinger’s advice ring true to you, or are you going to stick with your tried-and-true marketing methods?