Posted to Katie Thomas's blog on October 29th, 2013

Target Your Social Marketing with Facebook Custom Audiences

Last Wednesday Facebook announced a full release of its Custom Audiences feature to all advertisers on the mega-sized social network. Previously available to those using the browser plugin Power Editor or Facebook’s API, universal access to Custom Audiences shows great possibilities for small businesses.

Custom Audiences is a targeted advertising tool that allows Facebook page owners to upload a list of their email contacts for Facebook to match to social profiles. This enables advertisers to expand promoted posts and paid ads to people on their email lists that do not necessarily ‘like’ their Facebook page. Custom Audiences is also compatible with MailChimp and allows users to upload their lists from the email marketing platform to Facebook.

Image source: under30ceo.comThe targeting possibilities for small businesses that come from access to Custom Audiences are two-fold. Firstly, this feature allows for re-marketing to current consumers by reaching them with ads, special coupons and/or promotions. This includes the customers who are part of your mailing list but are not fans of your business on Facebook. These people can still be reached and might be enticed to like your page and increase your social klout.

Custom Audiences also allows businesses to target and acquire new customers and leads. By excluding people currently on email lists, all promoted posts and ads can be seen by previously unreached audiences in a specified area.

For those concerned with privacy, Custom Audiences is promised to be data protective, and allows users to have the same control over the ads they see on Facebook as they always have. The feature has also been designed so that private information put on the social networking site is not shared without consent.

The tool is already proving its use, with Austin’s own Fun Fun Fun Fest citing a 28x return on their investment using Custom Audiences. With easier availability, small business owners unfamiliar with plugins and APIs will have a more level playing field in the social media marketing world so that new customers and prospects can be reached.

To those who have gained access to Custom Audiences, let us know what you think. If you’re interested in learning more about Facebook advertising and marketing, Volacci offers social media management and consulting services. Let us know how we can help you and your business!

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