Target High-Quality Leads with Email Marketing

Target High-Quality Leads with Email Marketing

January 21st, 2013

A common misconception when it comes to email marketing is that it is strictly used to market only to your existing customer base. However, a significant yet overlooked segment of email marketing involves marketing to third-party opt-in email lists.

Here are some of the things opt-in email marketing can do:
  • build your subscriber database, 
  • spawn website traffic, 
  • garner interest in your brand, 
  • generate new sales.
People on opt-in email marketing lists have subscribed to various offers related to your industry and have agreed to receive ongoing email promotions within their area of interest. Starting an opt-in marketing campaign, then, is simply a matter of finding a reputable and honest list owner who has collected and aggregated email lists that are strictly opt-in and who care about their subscribers receiving relevant messages. Additionally, legitimate third-party lists are often categorized or segmented by various demographic and psychographic criteria. Therefore, if you have an offer that appeals to a very specific demographic (gender, age, location, etc), you have the ability to target to that specific audience.
Whether your goal is to increase sign-ups to your newsletter, drive fresh traffic to your website, or make immediate sales, you can be rest assured that you are optimizing your marketing potential using one of the most cost-effective, revenue-generating mediums available.

Launching lead generation email marketing campaigns can be wildly successful with the use of opt-in lists.

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