Take the Scary Out of SEO

Take the Scary Out of SEO

October 31st, 2012

A number of businesses find themselves over-optimizing their websites with the same two or three highly competitive keywords. How many times have you seen a site menu that reads "Home / Products / Services / Support / About / Press"? Instead of going for the same, formulaic approach to SEO, here are simple steps from Search Engine Land to take the scary out of your SEO.

  1. Stop thinking of SEO as a marketing channel. It's not. SEO is a method of influencing search engines, not advertising on them.
  2. Evangelize SEO as a company goal. Find ways for everyone in your company to contribute to SEO, not just marketing and IT.
  3. Make SEO a responsibility. Many people can contribute to SEO in small, simple ways. Make it a goal for every team member who can help.
  4. Plan your SEO. If you know what's coming for your company, plan ahead for your SEO!
  5. Provide specific information. When asking someone to optimize a page, make sure he or she has all the keywords, resources, and guidance they need.

What do you think? What SEO tactics do you use within your organization?

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