Posted to Volacci's blog on April 22nd, 2013

Superpowered Digital Content Marketing


I’ve always been a big fan of Superman, which is why I’m excited for the Man of Steel movie coming out this summer. My favorite part of the Superman origin story is when he learns to fly. I grew up with the hokey versions of a Clark Kent needing leaps and a bound to take flight, as if he were embodying the Wright brothers’ struggles with each step. My favorite part of the last Superman remake is that the moviemakers recognized that Superman flies because he was meant to fly, and the strained efforts of black and white serials and 1980s movies gave way to a cinematically beautiful flight, where Superman moved with grace, floating outside the laws of physics and constraints of mortal man.
As a content marketing specialist, I see so many clients stuck in the old Superman pattern, hoping that if they just keep running hard enough, they’ll eventually start to fly. What successful marketers have realized is that, like our modern Superman, they don’t need to run they fly because they’re meant to fly.
So, how can you stop running and prepare your digital content marketing to soar? By putting all the pieces together in a SUPER formula consisting of:
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Understanding your traffic
Providing quality content
Engaging your audience
Reaching every lead
SEO is deeply ingrained at Volacci; our CEO wrote the definitive book on Drupal SEO, and its how we got our start. SEO is an important part of a balanced digital content marketing strategy because it generates the traffic and search engine attention that allow your content to be discovered, and to reach a wider audience.
Understanding Your Traffic
Analytics are important for tailoring your strategy to make sure you’re reaching the right people and growing your presence where you want it. Analytics show you where your traffic is coming from on the Internet, how they found you, where they are located geographically, and a host of other important demographic tidbits. Additionally, you want to make sure that your users are having a good experience on your site, and analytics show you where you’re strongest, and where you’re weakest. Marketing automation takes analytics even further by allowing you to determine what information you want to capture about your audience, and allowing you to tailor the overall digital marketing experience based on that information.
Providing Quality Content
You can’t go far in digital content marketing circles without hearing the cliche that content is king, because its true. Not only does high quality content give your web visitors a better experience, it has also become the most important indicator search engines look for when evaluating a site. Content should either inform your audience about your product or services, engage visitors in a meaningful way, or educate them about the industry or market as a whole.
Engaging Your Audience
It isn’t enough just to be a resource. You’re in business to earn more customers, and that means exceptional customer service. Do not overlook your digital presence in evaluating your business’ customer service experience. Looking at bounce rates, time spent on page, click through rates and downloads can let you know how much, if any, value each piece of content is providing your customers. Interacting with them on social media, sending regular email newsletters, and providing numerous channels for customers to ask questions or provide feedback are all great methods of engaging your audience. 
Take viewer engagement to the next level by producing highly sharable content that your visitors will post on social media, forward to friends or add value to by becoming part of the conversation.
Reaching Every Lead
Once you generate traffic and engage each visitor, you’ll want to separate out every potential lead to get the highest return on your investment possible. Marketing automation is lead generation software that allows you to set up automated campaigns targeted either broadly or narrowly at any segment of your audience that you choose. 
Marketing automation allows you to track visitors’ individual behavior, automatically tally lead scores to funnel out the “hot prospects”, and create lead nurturing email marketing campaigns that allow your sales force to focus on highly qualified leads while the cold or warm prospects self-identify and stay informed by your set up processes. With marketing automation, no lead falls through the cracks and processes are carefully configured to provide the best lead nurturing practices for each and every website visitor.
Working through the SUPER formula will create a digital content marketing platform that doesn’t need to plod along hoping it eventually takes flight. By following the SUPER formula, your digital marketing will have no choice but to embrace its destiny and will naturally soar to new heights, because, like Superman, that is what it was meant to do.