Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on January 17th, 2008

Sun Acquires MySQL for $1,000,000,000

In a shocker for the open source community (in which SpryDev is a big proponent and active member), the news hit today that Sun Microsystems acquired MySQL AB, the development company behind MySQL. MySQL is the most popular open-source database solution and competes head-to-head in many situations with Microsoft SQL and Oracle. It runs some of the biggest websites including Google, FaceBook, many banks, and (most importantly to me) Drupal. (Not to mention the millions of websites that run MySQL as part of a Joomla, OSCommerce, or other open source platform solution.)

I've got mixed feelings about his. Of course my biggest concern is continuity of this fantastic database. Is Sun going to start messing with a good thing? Are they going to make it a proprietary system that only runs on their servers? Sun's past performance in the open source community seems to indicate that these fears are unfounded. They're one of the biggest supporters of the open source community. As Kaj Arnö, VP of Community pointed out on his blog post, Sun supports many open source developments: Open Office, Java (now under GPL), GlassFish, NetBeans — and now MySQL.

I'm encouraged. I think that together, Sun and MySQL will be a formidable challenge to overhyped and overpriced database solutions from the current enterprise database industry leaders. It also validates our extensive use of MySQL for our client sites.

How much did Sun pay for MySQL AB? This isn't an official number but according to Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz's blog, Sun invested a cool $1 Billion. Kind of makes you want to go start a database company, doesn't it? :-)