Strategies for Naming Your Newsletter

name tag: hello my name is....What’s in a name? A lot, actually. Choosing a name for your newsletter is part of your branding strategy and should be thought through carefully. It can make you one of the things a recipient looks forward to reading or another passed-over, unread email in a sea of look-alikes.

A regularly distributed newsletter should have a memorable name that sticks with the reader, since it will establish your business’ presence in their inbox (and mind) every so often.

A name that can be remembered will be more useful toward building brand loyalty, which is always beneficial for your business.

So, what are some good guidelines for creating a name for your newsletter?

1. Catchy names are memorable: Carve out a spot in your readers’ memory for your periodic newsletter. Examples: “The Weekly Meltdown” for a scrap metal business, “Monthly Departures” for a travel blog or “The Daily Dish” from a gossip column.

2. Use humor: Funny titles and witticisms can make your newsletter popular, too.

Example: “Moo-nthly Recap” for a dairy company or “Quarterly Snip-snipetts” for a salon.

3. Convey authority: Using words like Digest, Brief or Report lets readers know that your content is valuable and analytic.

Above all, make sure you keep your content fresh, original and consistent. Following these tips, you should be able to start growing an audience that looks to you for valuable information and important opinions.

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Happy mailing!