Six Things To Remember When Disavowing Links

Six Things To Remember When Disavowing Links

October 30th, 2012

The disavow links tool was launched earlier this month, leading Search Engine Land to compare the announcement to “SEO Christmas.” But the disavow links tool is a mixed bag of benefits and consequences, which is why there are six things you should consider before you disavow a link.

1. You could be hurting your credibility with Google. From Search Engine Land, “If you haven’t actually been penalized and you start disavowing your links, you’re essentially outing yourself to Google that you manipulated the system.”

2. Disavowing a link could do your rankings harm. “Even if you’ve done every link assessment known to man, all you have is an educated guess, and it’s very possible — read, pretty much guaranteed — that you could be discounting some links that are actually helping you.”

3. It might not actually work. “Like with anything with Google, it could take weeks, if not months, for them to credit what you disavow.”

4. It’s quicker to build links than to disavow them. “The more good links you have in your profile, the less the bad ones matter, especially if they’re several years old.”

5. You’re giving Google power. What happens in Google’s data to a wesbsite whose links you disavow? "What happens if someone disavows a link from your website for whatever reason? Will your website get flagged as spam?"

6. You’re not just disavowing your own links. "When you disavow a page, you’re not just disavowing it for yourself, you’re calling out everyone else who has links on those pages, too."

What do you think? Are you excited or leery about the disavow links tool? Will you be using it?