Posted to Volacci's blog on September 6th, 2013

Simple Guide to Embedding YouTube Videos in a Drupal Blog Post

Video is constantly increasing its importance in digital marketing. As the technology becomes easier, and content creators become more comfortable with the format, video’s growth is expected to continue indefinitely. Many businesses have started their own YouTube channels where they regularly post content. Cross-promoting such content on a blog using Drupal couldn’t be easier.

If you are planning to embed lots of YouTube videos to Drupal over a course of time, it is a good idea to consider installing modules such as Embedded Media Field, to create customized fields within content types. Such devices provide easier formatting options and the ability to wrap text around the video itself.

However, if you’re simply looking to embed the occasional video to help spice up a blog post, the quickest and easiest way is to directly embed the HTML into the body of your post itself.

Steps:How to Embed a YouTube Video on a Drupal Blog Post

  1. Underneath the YouTube video you want to embed, click “share”
  2. Underneath the “share” option, click “embed”
  3. Select a size (YouTube offers several pre-set sizes, or you can customize)
  4. Select features, such as whether or not to allow suggested videos after yours
  5. Cut or copy the HTML code
  6. Open the “edit” interface of the blog you want to embed the video into
  7. Select “Full HTML” as the text format of the blog post body
  8. Paste the HTML code into the text where you want the video to appear
  9. Publish normally

Additional basic HTML options can also help you frame the video, such as putting <center> in front of, and </center> behind the pasted code to make the video appear centered on the page.

Following these steps will help you make an easy, one-time embedded YouTube video appear in a blog post. As a fun example, here is the video pictured in the screen shots above, as it appears once published and embedded.