Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on March 31st, 2014

Setting a Personal Tempo [Ben's Productivity Podcast]

Stick to your schedule as you will benefit from the consistency

Hi there, welcome back to the podcast. I wanted to talk to you about something that I talked about earlier: setting a tempo. Before, I talked about setting a business tempo. Today I want to talk about setting a personal tempo. A personal tempo is much like the business tempo; it's kind of the things that happen throughout your day, every day, or throughout your week, or your months that kind of set the pace of your life. So an example of that would be rising at the same time every day. Using an alarm clock and for a lot of us if you use an alarm clock to get up at the same time every day, eventually that alarm clock becomes redundant; you are naturally just going to get up at the same time.

I read an interesting article that said if you're staying out later on Friday and Saturday night and sleeping in on the weekends, then when you get up early to come in Monday morning, you actually are jet-lagged. And they say that for every hour you change time zones, it takes a day to recover. So if you're jet-lagged by two or three hours every single week, you're setting yourself up to be tired which means you're going to eat more, you're going to need more caffeine and it really saps your productivity and your energy. So setting that alarm to get up at the same time every single day, even on the weekends I know how hard that is, will really give you a lot more energy throughout the week.

I also use my iPhone to set alarms to remind myself to eat snacks, eat fruit and vegetables during the day and also even just to remind myself to stop every once in a while and take a deep breath. As stressful as days can be, it's helpful to just... [big Ben breath]...take a breath sometimes and remember the things that are important to you. So you know if you eat your meals at the same time every day, you'll find that your energy levels will level off. And so a lot of really great things come from having a set schedule and really setting a personal tempo. That's something to think about today and something to implement in your life this week and this was 'Meaningful Monday', thanks for listening.

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