Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on January 28th, 2009

SEO Eliminates Robots From White House

Robot_invasion_0.jpgIn a scene that could be described more accurately with hand gestures than with words, Search Engine Optimization officially eliminated the robots from the White House last week. It was one promise fulfilled, and a move towards change. Change that doesn’t just buy you double the beef, but a new beginning for our President’s new home web page. Within the first day of the Obama administration, a redesign of the White House’s website removed the robots.txt coding and drastically increased its search engine optimization. It is commonly believed that much of the website for the White House ( under the Bush’s administration was not crawl-able by search engine spiders due to its coding.

Robots.txt, also known as Robots Exclusion Protocol or the robot exclusion standard, is a convention to prevent cooperating web spiders or web robots from accessing parts or all of a website. Robots.txt files are used for privacy reasons, if the content is believed to be irrelevant or misleading to the overall context of the website, or it can be used out of the desire that an application only operate on certain data. For websites with multiple sub-domains, each sub-domain must have its own robots.txt file. However, the protocol is purely advisory and relies on the cooperation of the web robot. An area of a site marked out of bounds with a robots.txt does not actually guarantee privacy. Change is coming. Whether it be change for your pockets from a new stimulus package, a change in your healthcare with a healthcare reform, or a change in your job, you should be ready and prepared for the future. Volacci may not be an employee of the new administration, but we can certainly help you out. If your business needs change in your pocket, we can help increase your profits. If you need a change in your healthcare, we can reduce your stress during this economic hardships. If you need to change jobs, check out our jobs section of and see if you are a good fit. Even if you have robots haunting your website, Volacci has the technology and know-how to eliminate them from hiding your SEO potential. Volacci. Your Profit. Our Passion.