Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on April 16th, 2009

SEO Doesn’t Need American Idol To Be Beautiful

American Idol is finally hitting its stride this week, with six contestants left and the disco challenge lurking in the near future. I hardly recognized the ocular-impaired pianist, Matt Giraud, this week with his fancy haircut and less than spectacular performance. It took the power of the judges using their ‘save’ to pull him through to the next round. Another Simon moment this week that is blowing away the world on Youtube is the 47-year old “Never Been Kissed” woman, Susan Boyle, on “Britain’s Got Talent”. The 7-minute video will bring Mr. Blue Bird to your shoulder and a restraining order from your shower curtain. But I digress.

Many skeptics of SEO act like the crowd on “Britain’s Got Talent” did in the beginning of the video, when they visualize what it will do their site design. SEO has come a long way since the Age of the Keyword, with websites that can be both optimized and fantasized by just about anyone. Some people may need a television show to bring out their magnificence, but SEO doesn’t need American Idol to be beautiful.

There is a common SEO misperception that for a web site to rank well in the engines, it has to look ugly. Consider the misperception squashed. Yes, it is true that significant amounts of content and links, where it’s relevant, are important to SEO spiders, but Beauty has kissed the Beast, my friend, because now you can have both. You can use CCS, graphics, and other elements to help your site look pretty and maintain a solid ranking. As long as you are placing enough relevant text, keywords and links, without sinking the boat, you will look great as well.

If your designer is feeding you the bit that SEO changes will make your site ugly, get a new designer. Check out content management systems like Drupal to help out your SEO, while surfing in style. It will look professional, pretty and keep you at the top of the wave of visitors. If you need some advice, or are wisely choosing to out-source your SEO, you should look for a passionate firm that will keep you converting, while your flirting with heavy traffic.

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