Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on April 23rd, 2014

Say No Say Yes [Ben's Productivity Podcast]

Learning How to Say No and Yes in the Right Situations

Hi, welcome to the podcast. I'm recording this podcast with a rain storm going on behind me so if you hear a little bit of rain or lightning or thunder, I guess you can't hear lightning, but if you hear the thunder then just know that's what's going on. Hopefully we won't be disturbed too much and I have what I think is a really interesting topic to talk to you about today.

Today is again 'Thinking Thursday' and I want to talk to you about what you say no to and what you say yes to, and how that really helps to determine the direction of your life. It's a topic that I've talked about before. It's something I really think about it a lot because so many times I find myself making great decisions and then sometimes I find myself making poor decisions. And I gave some thought to it and I actually stumbled across an idea that I think is really great and I want to share to you and that's that if you can say no to having one more and say yes to doing one more then you'll find that you're making better decisions more and more often. So an example: saying no to having one more. Saying no to having one more drink, or one more slice of cake, or one more hour in bed. Those are the things, you know, having one more are things are often detrimental to your goals.

Saying yes to things where you're doing one more. Saying yes to one more mile on the track, or one more page of the book you're writing, or one more hour of focused work. If you can say yes to those kinds of things, to the doing things, you'll find yourself doing things that are helpful to you. Helpful to reaching your goals and getting you to stay focused on your main thing.

Now, if you can do both of those, even part of the time, then you're going to have both self-control and and self-direction. And those are really the two key things that are going to get you where you need to be in life and where you want to go in life. So for today, 'Thinking Thursday', I'd like for you to think about that. What are the things that you should be saying no to having one more and what are the things you should be saying yes to doing one more? Thanks for listening, I'll see you next time.

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