Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on June 4th, 2013 Acquires ExactTarget

handing off the batonThe integration of web content management systems, marketing automation suites, social engagement platforms and CRM is quickly becoming a necessity in today's business climate. It is a unique business opportunity that is changing the way companies engage, acquire, and retain customers.

The impact of the convergence of these technologies continues to grow, made evident today by the acquisition of ExactTarget by

As companies move beyond marketing automation as a standalone product and into a more integrated solution, I expect's entry into this space to shine a huge spotlight on the integration issue. It is going to raise awareness of the need for businesses of all sizes to have systems that operate together. As a marketer, it's exactly the kind of attention we need.

You've got to understand that this industry is just reaching the mainstream. Less than 30% of the Fortune 500 are running any kind of Marketing Automation. Most small to medium-sized businesses have yet to realize the potential that more advanced digital marketing systems bring - much less how an integrated approach can add synergy and scale to their operations.

That was yesterday.

When, the leader in CRM, acquires ExactTarget, a massive digital marketing technology company, the story is not about marketing automation, it's about integration.

More companies will begin to look for new ways to bring the disparate systems together, and that can only be good for Volacci. After all, Automatr is the only marketing automation solution on the market today that offers a deep integration with Drupal and WordPress - the two most popular web content management systems, and SugarCRM - the two most popular CRM systems, and JanRain - the top social engagement platform. When companies look for marketing help, they are drawn to a company that can integrate with their existing systems out of the box; that's Volacci Automatr.

Today's news marks the second time that Pardot customers have been subject to acquisition. Back in October, Pardot was acquired by ExactTarget. Pundits will say that it was just part of a larger strategy by ExactTarget to position themselves for just this type of acquisition and that we will see more acquisitions in the near future as the space matures. At Volacci, we aren't distracted by such speculation. Our focus is and remains delivering incredible value, deep integration, and new capabilities to our customers. That's how we grow. That's how you win.

We acknowledge that change is hard. One common outcome of an industry shakeup is uncertainty for the customers of the merging companies. It can be difficult as operations change, prices increase, and relationships move on. If Pardot's customers feel hindered in their ability to be successful, we're ready to help. The Volacci team is working on a transition plan to help any customers who want to move to the Automatr platform.

The key part of this plan is an extended free trial of Volacci Automatr that will run concurrently with Pardot. In that time, campaigns can be synchronized, forms migrated, and training implemented for marketing teams. Online training, support, consulting, and coaching will be free for 90 days to current ExactTarget customers.

We've posted more:  Migrating from Pardot to Automatr

If you have questions in the meantime, please call our hotline at (512) 989-2945 x250 to speak with our operations team.

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