Posted to Volacci's blog on August 29th, 2013

Repurposing Content Tip: Put Your Company Video on a Thank You Page

Placement is key in digital marketing. Ask any conversion rate optimization specialist and they’ll tell you that simply moving a button can make a huge difference between a bounce or a conversion. In the content world, a piece of content placed in one spot might get a ton of traffic, while that same piece of content placed elsewhere gets ignored. One innovative placement strategy is to put a company introduction video on thank you pages for users who’ve decided to engage with your content in some way.

Company introduction videos are traditionally posted rather prominently, either on a homepage or a company’s about page. These sort of videos help define the organization, and understandably, marketers want to get as many views as possible. (For a company video example, check out this video about Volacci).

Here at Volacci, we produce tons of content, and some of that content has to be emailed or downloaded. After successfully requesting a piece of content, users are shown a thank you page. We’ve had great success at embedding video messages on the thank you page along with a message similar to, “Thank you for requesting our Newsletter Best Practices 2013: Email Marketing eBook, an email containing a PDF file is being sent to you now. While you’re waiting, watch the video below to learn more about Volacci.”

A good number of times, the user will watch the video, increasing our views and furthering engagement with the user.

What is your Thank You page strategy? We’d love to hear, so leave a comment below.

Looking for inspiration? Download our whitepaper 10 Best Practices for Thank You Pages.