Posted to Volacci's blog on July 16th, 2013

Redesigning or Starting a New Newsletter? Volacci Offers Free Analysis, eBook

Email newsletters are one of the most effective email marketing strategies available to Internet marketers. Newsletters offer great opportunities for repurposing content, promotion, audience engagement and branding. Here at Volacci, we’ve studied how to make a newsletter in great depth, and put together the most effective methods for building a targeted list, simplifying content creation, choosing the right newsletter format, ensuring each newsletter reaches the intended recipient’s inbox at the ideal time, and more.newsletter best practices ebook

We’re very proud to make our Newsletter Best Practices 2013: Email Marketing eBook available for free download. This eBook contains all the tips and strategies to educate marketers on how to make a newsletter that meets their marketing objectives. As a special bonus, we’re currently offering anyone who downloads the eBook a free analysis of a current or former newsletter sample from their business or organization.

Newsletters offer a way for businesses to stay at the top of mind of prospects and customers, while communicating directly to an audience that has opted in to those specific updates and messages. When compared to other forms of email marketing, newsletters have some of the highest open rates and lowest unsubscribe rates.

Effective newsletters make great use of business branding and industry best practices for timing, design and distribution. Every aspect of a newsletter, from its name to its subject line and appearance can help a business promote their marketing strategy. Intelligent use of marketing metrics also help businesses ensure the best results.

To learn more about the most up-to-date newsletter format, content, style and distribution issues, download our new eBook - Newsletter Best Practices 2013: Email Marketing eBook by clicking here. Once you’re done reading, send us a copy of your current, old or new newsletter design and our team of experts will give you a free analysis.