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Process Day Email Address [Ben's Productivity Podcast]

The Importance of Process Day

Hi I'm Ben Finklea, welcome to the podcast. I have another 'Fast Friday' to share with you. Abraham Lincoln said, "Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." I love that quote because it really speaks to what I want to talk to you about today and that's a process that I've put into my company called Process Day. And Process Day is a day that we stop, once a quarter, and we don't schedule any meetings, we don't answer the phone, and we all work on improving the processes that run Volacci, my company. And the reason that we do that is because we were finding that so many processes that we had created, because our industry changes so quickly, were out of date. So when we'd bring new people on to train them or when we're working on a process that we haven't done in a long time, we don't remember all the steps, we're finding that the steps don't work anymore. And so we had to set aside some time to really dig in and improve the way that Volacci works.

But one of the things that we found was that there were often times at other times in the quarter when we found a process that we really needed to update and we just didn't have time to stop at that moment to do it. And so what we did is we created an email address that anybody in the company can email to where if they find a process that needs to be fixed and they don't have time to fix it, they can send an email to that address and then on Process Day, actually the day before Process Day, we take all of the ideas from that email list and we put together the things that we're going to work on on Process Day. So what that is, is the idea of the email and having some place where your team can email, that's the idea capture. An idea capture is so critically important to making things better is to capture the ideas when you have them. And then how we use it, and why we use it - that's to get better processes and doing that Process Day thing.

If you want to be more efficient, if you want to be faster at what you do, then have great processes, have a method for improving those processes, and do it on a regular basis. Thank you.

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