Prepare for Seasonal Shoppers With keywords

Prepare for Seasonal Shoppers With keywords

November 15th, 2012

The holiday season is almost upon us, and marketers everywhere need to get into full swing to capture the Christmas crowd. Content can't wait until after Turkey Day for posting, and likewise, leaving holiday content up after Christmas is a big no-no. Search Engine Optimise reports on how to get your content ready for the holiday season.

Some of the tips that they reccomend are:

  • know which terms are likely to perform best for your site and generally
  • Know your long-tail keywords: for example, Google Trends shows that while ‘gifts for men’ is a fairly popular query, its female equivalent is not ‘gifts for women’, but the less direct ‘gifts for her’.
  • Analyse and test keywords throughout the festive period to ensure your content and your paid search content are delivering the most customers they can.
  • Make sure you recognize all of the different possibilities for winning customers out of your festive search audience through January. These could include:
    •    shoppers with Christmas gift money (or gift vouchers, where relevant) to spend
    •    shoppers keen to make the most of January sales
    •    shoppers already planning ahead for next Christmas (a small but legitimate niche audience)
    •    revelers keen to keep the party spirit alive into the new year
    •    committed New Year’s Resolution-makers (especially in traditional markets like gym membership)
  • Analyse last year’s click and sales information carefully to see what will work well for you.
One of the most important watchwords to keep in mind is simply ‘mood’. For most people the festive season is a time of celebration. If your content strategy is able to tap into that, and keep the feeling alive for as long as possible after New Year’s Eve, there’s a lot of positivity around that you can benefit from quite cheaply.
Are you ready for the holiday season? How has your brand prepared for holiday shoppers?

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