4 Steps to Perfect Timing for Your Product Launch

product lunch timing can be like the spaceshuttle1. Launch earlier than you think you should.   

You are never going to be happy with how your product is on launch. Don’t wait until your product is finished; wait just until it can give a good first impression. You can always improve it afterwards, but getting the product out will let you get valuable feedback that will shape the features you build next.

2. Set the right expectations. 

Don’t over-hype the product just for the sake of creating excitement. You have to be able deliver on what you promise--or you will undermine the credibility of your brand. Offer the user a clear value proposition, and be sure your product delivers.  

3. Stick to your business objectives. 

What do you really want to achieve with this launch? You can’t do it all, so pick one objective that will be a key driver in your timing decision and your target audience. 
  • If your goal is to get the product out, launch when you have enough of a product to leave people with a good first impression. Let the user know that you are still in the learning phase by announcing the product as a “beta.” Target early adopters and invite their feedback. 
  • Trying to attract investors? You need to create excitement with your product launch. Go when you have the sizzle to attract attention and have enough of the product in place so that you can tell a great story of where it will go.
  • If your main goal is growth, you want to be sure you have a great, well-tested product and a growth engine in place before you launch. Then, go big: You want to garner mainstream press to drive first users. You are usually only launching for growth if you are releasing an update to an existing product.

4.  Remember that this is just the beginning. 

In the grand scheme of things, the launch is just one small step in building a great, sustainable product.