Optimizing Content for Multichannel Marketing

Optimizing Content for Multichannel Marketing

October 3rd, 2012

As human beings, we share the basic belief that anything we create can be improved upon. We tinker and tweak, invent and occasionally revolutionize how things are done. In marketing, we think of these steps forward as being either innovation or optimization. The first introduces the “new” while the second attempts to understand and use it to best advantage.

Of course, marketers have been optimizing their craft since the beginning. But digital has changed the field of play by not only giving us a thousand new channels and platforms to play with, but also affecting the terrain we thought we had already mapped.

One of the most fascinating and important areas of marketing moving forward is also the least understood; optimizing the marketing mix across digital and offline channels. With the constant and chaotic development of digital tactics, it’s easy to forget that the vast majority of commerce and advertising happens in the offline world, though it’s increasingly influenced by what happens online.

Some products and categories see online research and marketing influencing 50% or more of all purchases, especially among younger and more affluent customers. Understanding that influence is the key to harnessing the shift online rather than being digitized out of existence. The companies and agencies that will excel at true multichannel marketing will be really good at understanding and optimizing the customer journey.

For most companies, the ways in which customers find and research their products has changed completely in just the last decade. The most common shift is the addition of digital research elements to processes that used to be entirely offline. To properly allocate budget and to maximize revenue, companies have to know where and when consumers interact with the brand across different types of media, and how they move between online and offline sources.

Of course, optimizing the customer journey is easier said than done. Creating content for the digital marketing efforts doesn’t just mean making blog posts or new site pages…it’s interactive, mobile and multi-media. Marketing organizations need to be able to make things that are useful or compelling, educational or entertaining. This creative and technical expertise that might live with an agency or inside a marketing team, but it needs to be accessible to marketing in large amounts.

The marketing to tomorrow is a potent combination of pull and push, digital and analog, math and magic. Optimizing across the multichannel isn’t easy, but it isn’t optional either.