Open Atrium “Intranet In A Box” released for Drupal Users

Yesterday, Development Seed announced the release of its open beta version of Open Atrium, a free and open source intranet package powered by Drupal. Open Atrium is being promoted as fast, easy to install and ready for using straight out of the box. It is also open source, so any development-savvy folks can customize it to meet their specific needs.

All of the Open Atrium code is being hosted on Github as an open beta. Designed as a team intranet for Drupal distribution, Open Atrium allows its users to coordinate projects and facilitate programs within a digital team environment. It is being called "An Intranet In A Box” and comes ready to use.

You can create different spaces for different projects, add people to each space, and allow different tools to be used within in a designated space, such as a blog, calendar, a ticketing system, to-do lists, or wiki. There are also useful features for internal organization and collaboration, such as individual and group dashboards and case-trackers. Did I mention customization?

That is what is so great about open source, it breeds new and improved features. Development Seed hopes this environment will breed an App Store-like ecosystem that will improve the software, as well as increase its user-ship. This is great news of all those passionate Drupal-based websites that are looking for solutions that Open Atrium provides.

If you operate a Drupal-run website, this product will increase your team's overall operational efficiency and organization. And this, according to the note-riddled cocktail napkin from my last DrupalCon happy hour, is always a good thing.