Posted to Emily Coalson Rodvold's blog on December 5th, 2013

Observations From an Intern: Working at a Digital Marketing Agency is Fun

When you know that a company has a great idea, it's really fun to help them get the word out about it.

I've wanted to work in digital marketing since I was a junior in college, and now I have my chance to learn what life is like in an agency! These are some of my observations from my first few weeks of working at Volacci.

Observation #3: It’s All About Fun

In Volacci’s “Vision, Mission, and Values” document, one particularly compelling section reads, “Having fun at work is the key to loving what I do and increases my ability to deliver value.” And it’s true!

I’ve seen how fun and exciting it can be to work on some of the most visible aspects of a company’s online presence--all made easy to optimize by Drupal. One of my favorite things about marketing is being able to help a company that has great ideas get the word out about those ideas, so I’m looking forward to experiencing that during this internship.

Something else that I enjoy about working at a digital agency is the opportunity to collaborate on a variety of accounts for a diverse group of companies on a daily basis. Throughout my first weeks as an intern, I’ve seen co-workers working on accounts from industries such as a medical software company to a shipping company--proof that there’s always room to learn more.

Add in the fact that every Friday everyone eats breakfast tacos together from Torchy’s Tacos (an Austin favorite) and we have a weekly meeting where we play a white elephant style game with Pez dispensers, I can tell that this is going to be a fun job.

I’m excited to make the most out of this experience and learn as much as I can about marketing and Drupal. I love how digital marketing combines business and creativity together, and how Drupal can facilitate this better than almost any other CMS.

I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to work in this awesome field, and will be reporting back on this blog throughout the course of this internship on the exciting things I’ve learned. For more of my thoughts on intern life, follow me on Twitter @EmilyCRodvold. I’ll also be blogging here every week.

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