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Observations From an Intern: There’s Never a Dull Moment at a Digital Marketing Agency

Thoughts about my first week as a digital marketing intern

During my junior year of college, I remember listening to Victoria Ahlén deliver a lecture about Internet marketing. She explained how powerful the Internet is as a medium to easily share content. As she continued her talk, I had an epiphany: I wanted to be a digital marketer.

Ever since that day, I’ve tried to incorporate digital marketing into every job and project I’ve been a part of. Fast forward two years and you can imagine how excited I am to be starting my internship at Volacci, a digital marketing agency in Austin, TX.

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing observations I’ve made.

Observation #1: There’s Never a Dull Moment

On my first day at Volacci, I could already tell that working at a digital agency was going to be busy. All around me, I could hear my new co-workers hard at work writing content for client’s websites, working on SEO, and communicating with clients. During my first day, I was already doing research on information that would go on a client’s website, and learning all about marketing using the Drupal CMS.

Throughout my first week, I completed a variety of different tasks: I updated information on the Volacci Intranet, participated in team meetings, attended meetings with clients, and learned about SEO, keyword research, and curated content. And, most importantly, I’ve been reading up on Drupal marketing-- from Lullabot training videos to poking around on, I’m impressed with the vibrant community, and am excited to learn more about the CMS.

Over the past week, I’ve realized that at an agency, there is always something to be working on and most employees work on a variety of different tasks throughout the day. I can tell that people who work at agencies thrive on being busy and putting in a full day’s work. I'm excited to be here, and look forward to working hard and learning even more about digital marketing over the next few months.

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