Posted to Volacci's blog on December 14th, 2010

&%[email protected] My Internet Marketing Company Says

We jumped on the bandwagon pretty early here at Volacci and have been following the @shitmydadsays twitter account for some time. I think what appeals to us the most is the brutal honesty, the unique delivery, and the surprise factor. You never know what he’s going to say next. Over the last few months we’ve also seen numerous imitators put there spin on the title. With the creative tank a little low at this time of year we thought, “Why not us too?”

Volacci teamed up with LevelTen Interactive to (hopefully) bring DrupalCon Chicago an honest and unique discussion of all things related to internet marketing. On the Volacci side, we’re sending Erik Wagner and Joel Casarez. Erik manages our Internet Marketing Department, is the longest tenured Volacci employee, works with our biggest clients, and really likes eggs for breakfast. Joel is our paid search ninja, reporting master, and has never seen the original Star Wars trilogy.

LevelTen is bringing an equally qualified team to the panel by sending Tom McCracken and Colin Alsheimer. Tom is the founder of LevelTen, has an extensive and blended expertise in technology and marketing, and tears up the hills of Texas on his mountain bike. Colin spearheads all the internet marketing initiatives at LevelTen, integrates a diverse marketing mix for his clients, and brews a mean batch of beer in his spare time.

Now that you know who we are, go vote for the session. You never know what theses guys are going to say next.