Posted to Volacci's blog on May 17th, 2011

Trending Tuesday: Google's Hot Searches for Today


A bit more Arnold, a bit more scandal, some reality TV drama (imagine that), and a smidge of religious extremism to boot. Without further adieu, here is how May 17, 2011, will forever be remembered. 1. John Stewart Bill O Reilly: Host of The Daily Show John Stewart went on Fox News Monday Night with Bill O'Reilly to defend the president's inviting rapper Common to The White House for a poetry reading. The president is facing scrutiny from Conservatives, who say that the Grammy-winning rapper has in the past defended cop killers and the Black Panther organization in his songs. Stewart's heated words on the show included calling Conservatives "a selective outrage machine...that pettyfogs [an issue] only when it suits the narrative that suits them". 2. Real Housewives of New Jersey: The 90-minute season premier Monday night featured an all-out brawl between Joe and Teresa Giudice during Joe's baby's christening. Teresa claims she "blacked out" after Joe called her "garbage", which was succeeded by an all-hands-on-deck fist fight.


3. LA Times: The Los Angeles Times is a trending Google search today for several reasons. Among the hard-hitting news is a huge development in the Schwarzenegger-Shriver split: Arnold fathered a child with his housekeeper more than 10 years ago (I know, right?!), and the L.A. newspaper broke the story. Some are saying the people of California might not have elected him for two terms had they known about the scandal.


4. Rachel Maddow: On her weeknight MSNBC show, Maddow criticized Glenn Beck's "Restoring Courage" rally in Jerusalem in August -- a rally to stand against the "force of darkness" and "gates of hell" threatening Jerusalem. Maddow's response? "Oh good!" she said. "Glenn Beck is holding one of his rallies. And this time it's going to be in Israel! And don't worry, Glenn Beck followers. There will be travel deals for you to get yourself physically to Israel to make it convenient for you to bring your subtle nuanced political understanding to a part of the world that really needs you." Ouch! 5. Andrej Pejic: A magazine, The Dossier Journal, that features a semi-nude Andrej Pejic is being slipped into black plastic coverings in Barnes & Noble and Borders stores across the U.S. Dossier co-founder Skye Parrott says that only American stores are complaining about the risque cover.