Posted to Volacci's blog on May 2nd, 2011

SEO Tracking, Reporting and Accountability: B2B Transparency


One element is almost always missing between a business and its SEO/Internet marketing company: Immediate accountability. Business-to-business transparency is a myth, right? “If only I actually knew and understood the details of what my provider is doing for me.” “I’ve sunk a year of monthly payments into this company and I’m just now realizing it’s not worth it.” “It’s way too technical. I’ll leave it to them and follow blindly.” In an attempt to usurp this disconnect, we at Volacci wanted to inject integrity, transparency and accountability into our relationships with our clients and their campaigns. The result? Iris. Iris is an extensive reporting and tracking program that allows our clients to login to their private campaign portals to see aesthetically pleasing weekly and monthly SERP reports, user-selected keywords (and ranking for each) and an easy-to-understand Google Analytics dashboard. At any point on any day, you can look at your rankings and reports in one place to ensure that we’re doing our jobs. No disconnect, no secrets -- just straightforward and effective Internet marketing. And, frankly, we're pretty excited about it.

volacci iris.jpg

Features of Iris: 1. Dashboard: The first thing a client sees when logged into Iris is the Dashboard, which provides a brief summary of each component of Iris -- Google Analytics, Ranking Summary, Top Analytics Referrers and Analytics Keywords.

volacci dash.jpg

2. Event Manager: The Event Manager is a log of any event that takes place during a campaign. Below is a screenshot of one of our client’s Event Manager. We document every phase of the campaign, from beginning to end and everything in between.

Event Screenshot.jpg

3. Keyword Manager: The Keyword Manager allows our clients to see which keywords we’re optimizing their sites for, as well as competition level and how they’re ranking for those keywords. Users can also export this data to a .CSV file for company records. 4. Google Analytics: Our clients have instant access to their full Google Analytics accounts, all within the Iris interface, to make sure their rankings are up to par. 5. SERP Tracker: The Iris SERP Tracker displays all keywords we’re targeting for a client, their Google and Bing rankings, and if they’ve increased or decreased in rank from last week. I've blurred our keywords in the screenshot.


6. Report Wizard: The Report Wizard generates weekly and monthly reports for each of our clients. They are notified by email and can instantly access their reports by logging into their Iris accounts. These reports are stored so they can see how their campaign has progressed since its inception.