Posted to Volacci's blog on May 1st, 2013

Marketing Automation Explained

Imagine if you could track every person who was interested in your line of business, watch them educate themselves on your product or service, and then personally introduce yourself right at the moment that they’re considering making a purchase decision? With marketing automation, you can. We’re here to show you how.



What Does Marketing Automation Do?

The simple answer is that marketing automation:

  • reveals who specifically is visiting your website,
  • what sort of information that person is looking for,
  • how often that person interacts with your content, and
  • how close they are to making a purchase or sales decision

The technical answer is that marketing automation is a series of processes combining web analytics, lead generation, email marketing automation (sending pre-written emails at an assigned time), and digitalmarketing techniques to empower businesses with the most sophisticated sales and interaction profiles available for each individual visitor to the company’s website.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation programs, like Volacci Automatr, house your online database of contacts and 

assign a specific tracking cookie to each visitor. By integrating the program with a sales CRM, you can label each visitor as a customer, lead, visitor, person of interest, or any category relative to your specific line of business. The lead tracking component allows you to place specific values to each activity the person conducts on your website and then automatically calculates the person’s total lead score and informs your sales team when he or she is considered a “hot” or qualified lead, based on parameters you set up.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is no passive system, it can be set up to automatically email people in your database based on their behaviors, at times of your choosing. For example, someone who comes to your website and downloads a marketing brochure could get a thank you email right after they open it, and a follow up email several hours or days later that keeps the dialogue going. This process can be repeated an unlimited number of times for an unlimited number of situations (such as emailing customers a coupon and following up a week later with one message to customers who used the coupon, and another message to customers who did not).

Most technologies work in conjunction with a broad range of CMS programs, such as Volacci Automatr, which can accommodate WordPress and Drupal email marketing automation.

How Can I Generate Leads with Marketing Automation?

By recognizing each individual visitor, marketing automation allows you to assign lead scores based on that individuals specific behavior on your website, or with your emails. This information can be readily accessed by your sales team to assess demand generation, or can be set to automatically alert them when an individual has become a qualified lead. This feature allows your sales team to target their efforts on the right people, and in the right places.

My Sales and Marketing Teams are Already Overworked, How Much Time Does Marketing Automation Take?

The real question is, “how much time does marketing automation save?” And the answer is “a bunch.” Think about it, right now your sales and marketing team are crafting individual responses to each of your leads, customers and contacts. You may have some efficient templates, but more likely than not, you’re still repeating the same steps over and over again. Marketing automation allows you to set up your campaigns one time, and then focus on the results, instead of the process. Tailoring campaigns is also really easy, and a good idea to find the best practices for your particular audience and industry. One of the greatest benefits of marketing automation is not only that it shows your sales and marketing teams who your most qualified leads are, but also that it frees enough time for your teams to focus on each one.

Marketing automation offers all the latest technological developments to work together so that your sales team can operate as effectively as possible. Stop relying on cold calls and start letting your web content work for you with marketing automation. Isn’t it time for you to let your website work for you? Click here to request a free trial of Volacci Automatr.