Posted to Volacci's blog on January 20th, 2011

Link Juice for the Week of 1/17-1/21

Every week I search the web for articles I think you might find interesting, dare I say mind blowing, then link to them here in a weekly blog post I call Link Juice. Some are about SEO, some are about Gadgets, others are on CRO, the NFL, the NBA and any other acronym I come across.

Living Social/Amazon Deal Draws 1.3 Million Users (and $13 Million) in One Day - Wednesday morning we at Volacci we're all in shock at what was in our inboxes when we saw that group buying site Living Social was offering $20 in Amazon gift cards for $10. 3 Hours in they had sold 300,000+ and by day's end they sold an additonal 1,000,000.

Facebook Books $1.86B in Advertising; Muscles In on Google Turf - According to eMarketer, Facebook increased their advertising revenue for 2010 by 150% over 2009, bringing in $1.86 Billion.

HomeAway's Super Bowl Ad Gets Big Digital Push - Austin startup HomeAway, a vacation rental site, is asking it's user base to submit their photos to be included in the company's SuperBowl Ad.

Eric Schmidt lays out three priorities for Google: LTE, mobile money, inexpensive smartphones - Of the three priorities I find "mobile money" to be the most interesting. That statement alone could increase the value of mobile payment companies like Square. Personally, I look forward to being able to search for restaurants nearby with Google Places with Hotpot, looking up location in Google Maps and then making a transaction via Google Mobile Payments.

(INFOGRAPH ALERT) Typical Mobile Internet Activities While Watching TV - 86% of TV Viewers are distracted by internet connected devices. Why is advertising on TV still relevant?

Smartphones and tablets: more than half of all computers aren’t computers anymore - "Deloitte predicts that in 2011 more than 50 percent of computing devices sold globally will not be PCs."

Apple's Steve Jobs takes medical leave, remains CEO - It's only been 4 days and we already miss him. We hope for a speedy and healthy return.