Link Building Through Self-Improvement

Link Building Through Self-Improvement

October 2nd, 2012

With the continuing paradigm shift in the SEO world, link building is constantly morphing. However, links will likely always be important-- content producers simply need to learn to change their end goals from “I want this link” to “I want to help people.” Here are some ways to do it.

Pay It Forward
Whatever happened to doing good, old-fashioned favors for people? Nowadays, it seems the only reason people will do anything for anyone else is because they either a) want them as a client, or b) they want to get a link from them.

Try shifting your views to one of human appreciation: do things for people without expecting anything in return. Give away some free knowledge on your blog, grant an interview to a starving journalist through HARO, help someone just getting started in the industry, or offer to do a free chat to college students through our local university.

Talk To People
If link building is about building relationships, the only real way to do that is in person. Network and meet with people in your space. Don’t just run up to them and demand a link: actually get to know them. When you do, and when you’ve built that relationship, you set yourself up to ask them for not just one link/tweet/share but multiple.

Agencies, stick with me: this is a little harder because you can’t exactly go to a conference on lawn care. Instead, focus on client education. Hopefully, your client base is filled with people who truly understand the importance of relationships in business and SEO.

Focus On You
I love guest blogging. It works wonders but it’s not a link building strategy. It’s a tactic. If you really want a long term link building strategy, you shouldn’t focus on improving the quality of other people’s websites. You should focus on you.

Instead of farming out your content somewhere else, put it on a site you have control over − yours. Then, focus on effectively marketing that piece of content. Bring people passively to your site instead of actively pushing them to your site with a link. Do great work. Links will come.

Offline Still Exists
It’s easy to get obsessed with online marketing, but remember, people, we don’t live in a vacuum. We still spend a majority of our time offline, so you shouldn’t ignore those traditional marketing efforts that will also garner you links. People talk about these campaigns. Where do they talk about them? On their Facebook page, on Twitter, and on their blogs.

What do you think? Do you agree?