Link Building Made Easy

Link Building Made Easy

September 20th, 2012

It’s pretty well known that using your client’s already existing contacts for link building is a great place to start. Your client already has their foot in the webmaster’s door, which makes asking for a link or continuing to grow the relationship much easier.

However, some businesses/clients don’t always know when they have been mentioned on the Web or that they have a potentially powerful relationship right in front of them. SEOs are more than capable of handling the task of finding our brand’s mentions and where we have already influenced webmasters. Sometimes it just takes some digging, and this pays off nicely.

Finding missed opportunities and correcting them for your client is an easy-win, and we should all be taking advantage of it. When you find an unlinked mention of your client, start with an email complimenting (ego-baiting) the host website, and that being mentioned there was an honor for your brand. This gesture is a great first step in building a profitable relationship and picking up the almighty link juice.

Once you’ve gotten the link (72 percent personal success rate, email examples later), always send the webmaster/brand a thank you tweet and/or message. It helps build the relationship, and the conversation can always help you build additional followers on social media.