Posted to Leigh Carver's blog on October 15th, 2013

Drupal is the Marketer’s CMS

As a marketer, I've posted blogs, press releases, landing pages, whitepapers, and many other kinds of content across a wide variety of CMS websites. I've learned that not every CMS is created equal-- and developed the opinion that, for content marketers, Drupal is the platform to use. I don't just say this because I work at a Drupal marketing firm, either. From a standpoint of flexibility, sheer customization power, and ease of use, Drupal takes the cake.

Drupal is Flexible

The marketing landscape is evolving rapidly, especially as web marketers work to adapt to Google's continual refinement of their algorithms. When best practices are constantly in flux and what's white hat one day can be black hat the next, it's important to have a CMS that's as adaptable as your team.

At Volacci, we've had to make a number of quick tweaks at the drop of a hat, both on our own site and on our clients' sites. These changes can range from fixing our URL structure to building an entirely new content type. With Drupal, these changes are easy to make fast-- while with other CMS structures, it can take weeks (or even months) to make changes that should be time sensitive.

Drupal is Customizable

As an agency marketer, it's nice to be able to find my way around my clients' websites with minimal trouble. Though most of our clients' sites are built with Drupal, the system's unique building-block framework means that each website is both customizable, and easy to use if you're already familiar with Drupal. Each Drupal website I have seen has been perfectly customized to meet the needs of each client in a unique way. If that isn't an elegant solution, I don't know what is.

Drupal is Easy to Use

Third, Drupal is easy to use even if you're not technical. While I'm not a programmer, I had several semesters of computer science in college, which has made learning Drupal easy for me, and has allowed me to use a few powerful tricks and tweaks in content optimization. However, my colleagues who wouldn't know CSS from C++ find Drupal equally easy to use when they post, promote, measure, and modify content for their clients.

In short, for websites looking for great marketing solutions, and for marketers wanting to expand their knowledge to a useful and powerful CMS, I strongly recommend checking out Drupal. There's a great community devoted to expanding the Drupal CMS, with a number of organizations committed to offering tutorials, development assistance, and advice to anyone-- curious marketer or web development pro-- who is interested in Drupal.

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