Posted to Volacci's blog on September 11th, 2013

Jog Your Memory with Repurposed Content

By now you’ve probably seen this video that’s made the rounds about a man coming out from anesthesia and not remembering he’s married. In his daze he seems absolutely amazed by someone he’s been with for six years. His wife is a total stranger to him. 

Use repurposed content to restore your memory.So why are we writing about this? Much like this man’s memory of his wife, sometimes we can forget we have some amazing content buried in our website. Try to remember that one blog post you churned out which made you beam with pride or the post that garnered the most shares or retweets. Now repurpose it.

When you’re working with content marketing, it’s important to remember that much if it can be evergreen with just a little elbow grease. It can be as simple as reposting an old, but still relevant, piece with a quick blurb. Or going through the content and giving it a quick facelift to fit something that’s happening right now.

You could even find something to use in your email newsletter marketing and send that out for your readers to enjoy. It’s important to keep in mind that what you have posted before can get lost in the shuffle, especially if you post often. The information is still valuable, it just needs to be thrown back into the spotlight. Also, the readers it may have reached before may not be the same. Make sure you’re circulating your posts so they make it to all the people who are new to your content.

Much like the man in the video, you may also be in awe of something you forgot you had. Don’t be surprised if you end up quoting-- “I hit the jackpot!”


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