Posted to Volacci's blog on September 4th, 2013

Increase Engagement with Questions on Thank You Pages + a Drupal How-to

One of a digital marketer's primary goals is to increase visitor engagement throughout a site. An often overlooked opportunity for increasing engagement is on a Thank You page. Thank You pages are the landing pages a user first sees after performing an action on a website, like downloading content, subscribing to a newsletter, or making a purchase.

A great way to increase user engagement on a Thank You page is by asking a question of the user. The information gathered should help marketers better communicate with their audience. An example pictured in our 10 Best Practices for Thank You Pages whitepaper shows health food site asking new account users what sort of proteins they like to eat, along with a number of selections that can be checked off.

This question serves several purposes, it can:

  • help the site owner better define their overall audience
  • help the site owner deliver targeted information relevant to that user’s interests
  • serve as a guiding mechanism to move the user towards a next call to action
  • help the site owner personalize the user experience

Site owners who have access to advanced features, like marketing automation, can also use this technique to provide valuable data for sales and outreach.

Drupal site owners can easily adopt this technique by using the Modal Forms module, which works in conjunction with ctools to create pop up form options that can be associated with any basic page. This module screenshot shows the capability used for an account screen login, but with full webforms functionality and link support, users should be able to replicate the strategy and start building more effective marketing engagement immediately.

For more information on how to make the most of your Thank You pages, check out Volacci’s 10 Best Practices for Thank You Pages whitepaper.