Posted to Leigh Carver's blog on August 6th, 2013

The Importance of Testing - Newsletter Email Marketing Strategy

If you're creating a newsletter for your business and need ideas, check out our recent Newsletter Best Practices eBook. One thing we touch on in the eBook is the importance of testing your newsletter, and I'm going to discuss those points in today's blog post.

Why Should I Test?

Chances are you test your products and services before releasing them to a public audience. Your newsletter is the same way. You'll be sending it to nearly every contact you have, so why not exert as much control as you can over the newsletter and make sure that it doesn't have any bad typos? Or, as my colleagues thoughtfully point out in the ebook,

"Testing is the number one way to avoid errors, ensure a uniform email appearance, and create the ideal environment for increasing open rates."

What Should I Test?

Sending a sample newsletter to a coworker is a great way to test. He or she can verify that the content is in order and the layout looks good. Make sure that, when testing a sample newsletter, you view it across multiple different devices and every major email provider.

You'll want to make sure that copy and images look good across providers and devices, and that your text-only version is also in order. Additionally, if you're short on newsletter ideas and want to figure out what's working best for you, consider breaking down your email list into two separate lists- List A and List B, and test two different subject lines to see which gets more clicks.

Creating a newsletter isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be painful, either. If you need newsletter ideas to get started, check out our Newsletter Best Practices eBook, which contain sample newsletters, analyses of major newsletters, and more.

What advice would you give companies putting together their first newsletter, or overhauling their email branding? What are your must-test criteria? Share your thoughts in the comments.