Posted to Volacci's blog on December 16th, 2010

If You Give the Milk Away for Free They'll Buy the Cow

This session has been my pet for almost a year now. In fact, it was the only session I submitted for DrupalCon San Francisco. Apparently San Francisco was not ready for the heat I intended to bring, but I’m not sure I was ready either. Since then I’ve had the privilege of giving a talk similar to this at several DrupalCamps from Boone, NC to Las Angeles, CA. Not only has my delivery improved, I’ve added (and taken away) several slides, stories, tips, and resources along the way.

Yes, this session has come pretty far considering my first outing at DrupalCamp Colorado. (I’m still not sure what bet I made with Jen Lampton but I’m pretty sure I won. Also, a special thank you to Doug Vann and Salim Lakhani for having a brothers back.) If you’re one of the many who haven’t seen a version of this session before, check out one of these links to get a little taste of greatness:

Session from DrupalCamp LA

Session from DrupalCamp Atlanta

If you like what you see, want to learn more about applying open source principles to sales, or need to hear the story about how Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite is the greatest salesman ever, then go VOTE for my session. Warning: Slide deck may contain more pictures than words and there may be some humor.

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