Posted to Volacci's blog on December 9th, 2010

If You Give the Beer Away for Free, They’ll Buy the 12 Pack

A few months ago, team Volacci headed down the road to the Real Ale Brewery in Blanco, Texas for a tour and some beer tasting. As we arrived, we were welcomed with the mini-pint of our choice. We went down the line of taps trying everything they had from Fireman's 4, to an Oktoberfest, and, my personal favorite, the The Highlander. After getting our mini-buzz on, we took a 30 minute tour of the facility. Our guide was one of the guys who actually brews the beer. He walked us through the building talking passionately about the beer, the process, and the company all while holding a nice cold pint himself. It was a great time.

So what does this have to do with Volacci, partner programs, or sales? Real Ale is doing what we should all be doing if we want our businesses to be successful, our partnerships to be fruitful, and our sales team to be closing deals like Mariano Rivera. Real Ale gave their expertise away, answered all our questions, and got us genuinely excited about what they're doing. When I took my wife out later that same day what kind of beer do you think I ordered? Not Shiner, not Bud, and not Dos Equis. I chose Real Ale's Firemans 4, and I'll definitely pick up some more Real Ale products up once the fridge at the house runs dry. What Real Ale does, nay, what every brewery does is what we should be doing with our businesses. Shut down early on a Friday, bring people in to meet our awesome teams, and answer all the questions they have about our products and services. Show them we're experts and we love what we do. I guarantee the next time their fridge(website) runs dry(needs an overhaul) they'll be calling you up to restock(build them a new one) it for them.

Question of the day: What beer is your product/service most like and why?

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