Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on October 28th, 2009

How to Optimize a Landing Page

The most important aspect of all your company’s PPC efforts is most arguably the landing page the searcher clicks to from your ads. The click is the easiest part of the whole process, it is getting searchers to stay on your site and convincing them to buy products or sign up for services that is challenging. Here are some proven methods to optimize your PPC landing page and turn visitors into clients.

Keyword Relevancy

Your first move is to make sure that your landing page accurately relates to the keyword you are targeting. If someone clicks through to your landing page and they don’t feel that it is relevant to what they were looking for, they will leave immediately. You may also upset the Google gods for such Internet blasphemy.

Speedy "Pageloadez"

Your second move needs to make sure that the landing page loads in a timely fashion. When I say timely fashion, I mean instantaneously. The Internet is growing almost as fast as the universe expands, so expectations are higher than Matthew McConaughey at a drum circle. Flash animation and horrendously large images will slow down the loading time, and are blasphemes for both SEO and PPC. If someone clicks through to your landing page and it takes too long to load, they will leave immediately.

Google actually offers a free landing page optimizer that allows you to customize different aspects of your landing pages. The optimizer creates different landing pages and records conversion statistics about each variation. You can test out different layouts, content, and images. Over time, the variation that converts the best can be determined. Here are six steps to optimizing your landing pages:

#1: Go to and sign in to your AdWords account.

#2: Click the Website Optimizer link.

#3: Click Get Started.

#4: Create a name for your project.

#5: Enter the URL of your test page.

#6: Enter the URL for your conversion page.

When you finish the setup, let the campaign run for about a month before making any final decisions about your landing page.

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