How to Increase Conversion Rates Using Holiday Spirit

Merry Hallowthankchristmaquanzikah!Holiday Season is upon us! First comes Thanksgiving (Canada), Halloween,  Thanksgiving (US), then Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas, followed by New Year’s Eve.

So when it comes to your website, do you acknowledge these special occasions? Do you celebrate with your audience through the medium of your site and services or products?

Doing so in an effective manner can actually have a positive effect on your website’s conversion rate because people like to celebrate, and when people are in celebratory moods, they splurge more. Here are a few quick tips to display the spirit of the holidays in ways that increase your conversion rate:

1. Sales

Prominently displaying sales or discounts during and in the name of holidays will give site visitors further incentive to take action and complete the sales cycle. You might think this is an obvious claim, but while that may be true, you most likely don’t realize that holiday sales are the most effective kind of sales.

Think about it like this: would you rather shop at a store that have sales all the time or a store that has the same sales discount but is displayed with a holiday theme? There is something about holidays that are evocative of warm and “fuzzy” feelings and memories for most people, so layering holiday themes on top of the already warm and “fuzzy” feelings of saving money in a sale is twice as effective.

2. Imagery

This falls in line with the tip above, but is geared toward any site - even ones that aren’t out to make a sale. Think about it, Google is free, but people love it when the Google logo is unique to a particular day/celebration/holiday. Why? It’s fun and memorable. These things lend to increased repeat visits.

3. Emails

Finally, whether or not your site is geared towards the sale of goods or services, an email to those on your list wishing them a happy holiday “from your friends at!” makes your correspondence with your audience feel more human, friendly, and genuine. Without this perception of your site, people will never convert.

People want to buy from or buy into sites that they trust and can feel an individual, unique personality from. Wishing people happy holidays is one of the kind human things we do for each other. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas are just around the corner. So from all of us here at Volacci:

happy holidays!