How Guest Blogging Helps Local SEO

How Guest Blogging Helps Local SEO

November 5th, 2012

For many businesses looking to get the jump on local SEO, there is one tactic that is rarely utilized on a local level: blogging. Many local businesses in highly competitive categories have already done the straightforward things for optimizing their businesses to rank for local. Since all these businesses are doing essentially the same activities, they end up barely trumping the listings just below them in Google Local search results, and they may be frequently jostling, month after month, for the same slots. An article on Search Engine Land details some of the reasons why blogging will set you ahead in local SEO.

Advantages Of Blogging For Local SEO

  • Lends your site some ongoing, timely stuff to seduce parts of Google’s algorithms that feature content based on freshness.
  • Attracts an audience that may interact with you. User interaction signals can give your site a higher prominence score in Google local algorithms. Blogs can develop subscribers and frequent readers, and generally make a site/business appear more friendly and open to humans.
  • Provides your site with an often unique link profile!
  • Enables you to rank in Blog Search as well as in regular keyword search results and Local (Maps) search result which equal more exposure and greater distribution of your promotional efforts.
  • Enables you to engage with other bloggers by posting commentary pieces and opinions on your blog.
  • Enables you to have a forum for jumping on media feeding frenzies when there’s something related to your industry in the news.
  • Provides you with a voice that is your own if anyone ever attacks your company online. Blogging is a linchpin of proactive online reputation management.
  • Provides a solid bedrock for developing your social media presence! A blog is a perfect tool for feeding content out onto Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as well as other social media sites.

As a feed source, you can use it to actually reduce your workload by simply adding content in one place and having it show up in your various social media pages if that’s what you want. (Although, there are things that work more effectively on some social media platforms better than others, so it’s good to still customize these things for different places/audiences. And, you’ll still need to respond to people who engage with each of your social media accounts, too.)

If you decide that setting up a blog is what you want to do to increase your business's local SEO, here are a few things to remember when you do so:


  • Integrate your blog as part of your existing site.
  • Incorporate author pages and authorship markup.
  • Include tag pages and related post links.
  • Post frequently.
  • Make it part of the local community.
  • Plan a content calendar.
  • Keep posts brief!


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