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How to Get Great Testimonials to Work for You

Client testimonials are always a great way to validate the declarations of excellence you reverberate throughout every communication channel you use. Although they can seem a little partial, testimonials can have influence over people on the fence about your product or service.

Testimonials can also provide potential customers and clients with more insight into your work and how you do it. If gathered correctly, your testimonials should be relevant, believable, trust-generating, and support your success statements. They should also push a few more hesitant searchers over to your side of the fence. Are your testimonials helping you convert more? Do you know how to get great client testimonials from your raving fans?

If you answered ‘No’ either of those questions, please join me after the jump to get advice on how to get great testimonials to work for you.

Choose the Right Client

Every business with a website has a client that is a raving fan. Someone who reads every one of your blog posts, is always early for your meetings, and is genuinely excited about your business relationship.

On the other end, not every client is a good candidate for a great testimonial. Limit your potential testimonials to clients you have worked with for a fair amount of time, have a thorough understanding of everything you’ve done for them, and are willing to be publicly acknowledged as a client.

When clients are giving you their endorsement, they like to have a little background information. Set the tone of your testimonial questioning by making sure they know what you plan on doing with their testimonial and what impact you hope it will have.

Get Quantifiable Results

A testimonial of glowing words is always nice, but quantitative results are more convincing. Use questions designed to get quantitative answers, but just a starting point. If an effective question comes to mind during the conversation, don’t hesitate to ask. Here are two examples, one with and one without quantitative results:

Example #1 - Without Quantitative Results

Working with the Austin Law Cowboys has been really superb! They helped me get the money from my car wreck that I deserved. Now I don’t have to worry about paying the bills and arguing with my wife.”

Example #2: With Quantitative Results

Working with the Austin Law Cowboys has been really superb! They helped me get $45,000 from my car wreck and another $50,000 for medical bills two months before I was even out of the hospital! Now my wife and I are enjoying a much less stressful time during my recovery.”

Since most people don’t typically use numbers when giving a testimonial it is important that you ask the right questions in order to get the quantifiable figures you are looking for. One way to do this is to get your clients to elaborate on the benefits they received that addressed their pains.

Ask the Right Questions

As an example, here are some questions you may ask your clients along with possible answers they may provide:

Q: Mrs. Jones, now that you have received compensation from your car wreck, would you mind sharing with us exactly how long it took you to get the money you were owed, and about how much you were compensated?

A: Sure. It took less than six months to receive $45,000 for the wreck and $50,000 for medical bills.

Q: Mr. Callaghan, after attending our online courses for real estate appraisal, exactly how much did your business per month increase?

A: After attending your online real estate appraisal courses, I started conducting $5,000 more a month in appraisals.

Q: Great, I see you live in Edmond, Oklahoma. It is okay if we include that in the testimonial as well? I will be sure to only use the initial of your first name and the correct spelling of your last name so that you remain fairly anonymous.

A: Sure, that is fine.

Of course, those are ideal responses. But if you choose the right client, expect similar answers. Research shows that adding customers testimonials to your sales copy can boost sales by approximately 30 percent. Internet users are reluctant to be the hype, so it is essential that you back it up with any claims you make and testimonials are one of the best ways to do this.

Run the Right Test

If you want to see which testimonials are working and which are not, run an A/B test for two landing pages. Set up one landing page with a testimonial and one without.

Research shows that the testimonial will beat the competition by 158 percent. But don’t take my word for it, try an A/B test yourself.

SEO testimonials are valuable content and cause increased frequency of content creation and more traffic to your site. They will help convince some of your potential customers to try out your product and service, and back up all your claims of excellence that you reverberate throughout the Internet. If you are using gathering great testimonials, they should be doing work for you.

Need more tips on client testimonials? Want some help gathering from seasoned experts? Contact Volacci for a free quote and we will help you find your raving fans!

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